Eve's Crackers

The Story of Eve's Crackers

Eve at Eve's Crackers first farmers' market

Hi! It's Eve. I am so grateful you are interested in learning about how Eve's Crackers came to be. 

5 years ago I was struggling with eczema. I resolved to make changes to my diet instead of relying on over the counter creams. 

I was advised by my naturopath that I should avoid eating gluten, dairy, nuts, corn and sugar. 

Wouldn’t you know it—at the time literally everything worth eating seemed to be made of at least 1 of those 5 things.


“This won’t be so bad” I thought (naively).

I ate enough rice crackers to feed a small village. Desperate for a change of scenery I tried several alternative ‘healthy' snacks. But found them to be full of fillers, flour, palm oil, or sugar. 

I needed something satisfying. Something legitimately healthy

They say necessity is the mother of invention.. I can attest to that! 

With no other options, I spent weeks tinkering in the kitchen with only whole food ingredients.

Finally, I created a snack that tasted good (most importantly!) and checked many of my boxes:

✅ Free from gluten, dairy, nuts, corn and sugar

✅ High in fibre 

✅ Low in net carbs

✅ No fillers, flour (gluten free or other) or added oils

✅ Tasted really good (I know I am biased but seriously I am a good-food-lover and Eve's Crackers taste so good.

Eve's Crackers, stacked.

Here are some photos from the early days of experimenting in my (okay my parents) home kitchen and launching in Eve's Crackers farmers' markets in 2016. 


 One of the first batches of Eve's Crackers

 This was one of my first batches of Eve's Crackers (named Flaxseeders at the time 🙈 ). 


Eve's Crackers first farmers' market. Selling flaxseed based, gluten free, vegan and keto crackers.

Eve's Crackers first farmers' market! Not pictured, my Mom who helped sample during that first market (and for many markets after that. Thank you Mom!)


Eve's Crackers first kitchen space 

For our very first commercial kitchen space we rented the Whistler Golf Course's kitchen over the winter (when the golf course and club house were closed). It felt so cool to bake Eve's Crackers in a real industrial kitchen.



One of Eve's Crackers first bags. Paper bag and stamp, flaxseed crackers inside.

I was very proud of this bag. We took things up a touch with that stamp instead of hand writing onto bags. I took this photo in my truck outside of a grocery store before giving samples to the manager. That store ended up becoming our first grocery store, Nesters Market in beautiful Whistler, B.C.


Eve's Crackers first grocery store demo

My first time sampling at a grocery store! Notice the update to our packaging.


Eve's Crackers Savoury Sunflower with cashew cheese and beet hummus

I will end this photo montage with a pretty pic of Eve's Crackers today. That is Savoury Sunflower, my favourite flavour (shhh don't tell I know I am not supposed to have a favourite child). 


If you are still reading this thank you for being part of this journey. I hope you love my crackers as much as I do. 

❤️ Eve

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