Eve's Crackers

Savoury Sunflower Pack


Savoury Sunflower keto snacks from Eve's crackers.
Savoury Sunflower keto snacks from Eve's crackers. Savoury Sunflower keto cracker ingredients list. Savoury Sunflower keto crackers served with beet humous as a delicious appetizer. Savoury Sunflower Pack Savoury Sunflower Pack
70 Calories
1g Net Carbs
3g Fibre
3g Protein
  • This golden sunflower flax seed cracker is easy to love. Umami and garlic notes make this savoury crisp ridiculously snackable. Your chips better watch out.

    ❀  Keto Friendly  ❀  Gluten Free  ❀  Vegan  ❀  Fibre Full


  • INGREDIENTS: Water, golden Canadian flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, Braggs Liquid Aminos (vegetable protein from soybeans, water), nutritional yeast, garlic powder and psyllium husk.

Customer Reviews

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Saul Benjamin
Strikingly good...

What more to say except that a very fastidious nine-year-old boy is now recommending Eve's Crackers to his friends.

Thanks so much for sharing this anecdote, Saul! Please thank your nine year old for us!

Barbara Gray
Delicious and healthy crackers.

Delicious and healthy crackers! And the crumbs were great to add to my salad.

Sandra Gurash
Best Low Carb Crackers

The first time I tried these crackers I was in awe. Everyone I have introduced these to absolutely loves them too. Its so nice to be able to have crackers again that are actually healthy for you!

So good

Love these. Crispy crunchy , mild and yummy flavour. Good with cheese or any dip !

Great to hear!

Cathy Chabrian
Savoury Sunflower Crackers

The crackers are amazingly delicious. I like crunching them on top of a salad. This recipe is so delicious. Chopped kale & the dressing is: olive oil, fresh garlic crushed, nutritional yeast, sea salt & balsamic vinegar. Crush the crackers on top with sliced avocado.

Thanks for sharing your recipe, Cathy! How sweet. We will definitely be trying this!