Eve's Crackers


 A snack that's actually healthy? We got you. 

When creating our crackers in her home kitchen, Eve wanted them to be two things above all else - absolutely delicious and nutritious. So, she stuck with the basics; real, whole food ingredients she had in her pantry. 

Simple is best

Having an ingredient list that you can understand (and admire) is important to us. We use a blend of seeds, psyllium husk, nutritional yeast and seasonings you already know and love like garlic powder and fresh black pepper. Our crackers have just 8 ingredients or less. 

A bonus: our ingredients possess a magical quality of becoming gelatinized and sticky when met with water. This allows our crackers to come together without any unnecessary gums, fillers, starches and other additives.

Just 5 crackers provide 30% of your daily fibre needs 

Many (and we mean many) people do not get enough fibre in their everyday diet. It's a tough one – lots of the food products on our shelves loose their fibre after undergoing excessive processing. 

Fibre is the rough part of plants and unlike carbs, protein, and fat it moves through the body mostly undigested. Fibre is best known for its gut health benefits, but did you know it also plays an important role in keeping us satiated, controlling blood sugar levels, and promoting lower cholesterol? 

Gone are the days of searching high and low for something you can eat (that actually tastes good)

Eve’s meet a diverse range of dietary needs - naturally. Instead of removing or adding unnecessary things, we rely on the simplicity of our ingredients alone. 

We are proudly: 

Written by Sydney Grier, Marketing Manager & Registered Dietitian