Eve's Crackers


Finally, a snack that checks all the boxes.

Eve’s Crackers is a female-founded cracker company upgrading your snacking experience with simple ingredients you already know and love.

We source the highest quality Canadian flaxseeds and each small batch of crackers is carefully mixed and baked to perfection – creating a satisfying (or addictive, as some may say) crunch. Our seedy crackers are naturally gluten free, dairy free and packed with fibre and protein. We are proud of our simple baking methods that let the goodness of our whole food ingredients shine through.

From levelling-up your charcuterie board to being the ultimate dip companion, Eve’s are the snack you'll reach for on any occasion.


In 2016, I was suffering from eczema. Instead of using over-the-counter creams, I was determined to heal my skin through the power of my food choices. Although I managed to clear my eczema over time, I was left with a problem: There were no indulgent, yet healthy snacks I could eat!

I decided to take snack matters into my own hands. After countless hours spent baking and recipe tweaking, I finally created a snack I felt good about eating. This little snack I now proudly call Eve’s Crackers.

From our launch in farmers markets to local grocery stores, to becoming a family run business with my sister, Sarah, joining Eve’s full time—it’s been a rewarding (and by rewarding, I mean insane) adventure.

I hope you love our crackers as much as I do!

— Eve