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Wholesale FAQ's

Eve's Crackers, the healthy flavour-packed cracker for all.

We are honoured that you are choosing to carry Eve’s Crackers for your customers. We are here to support and answer any of your questions. If your question isn’t answered below please send us an email at hello@evescrackers.com , we would love to hear from you!


What are Eve’s Crackers?

Eve’s Crackers are an indulgent seed cracker. Eve’s are entirely seed based, subtly savoury and have an addictively crunchy texture. Eve’s are great plain, straight out of the bag, or, paired with your favourite cheese or dip.


What product features do Eve’s Crackers have?

Eve’s are gluten free certified under GFCO, as well as Vegan, Keto and High in Fibre.


What is the wholesale minimum order quantity?



Is shipping free?

Yes, if you order over $145 worth of Eve’s Crackers


What should I price Eve’s Crackers at for my customers?

We recommend you sell Eve’s for $8.99. Eve’s Crackers are priced at $8.99 at most retail locations. At a $8.99 sell price your margin will be 30%.

 If you want to see velocities soar we recommend a $7.99 retail price. We have done price testing and we know that our velocities increase by 33% at a $7.99 retail price in comparison to $8.99. A $7.99 retail price will give you a 21% margin. Although you will be taking a hit on margin, it is well worth it because you will bring in more sales dollars overall due to the increase in units sold.


When will I get my order?

Within 8-10 business days. Your order will be fulfilled within 1-3 business days and shipping usually takes 5 business days.


What is the shelf life?

We can guarantee 240 days of shelf life.


Where can I find the nutrition information?

You can find our nutrition labels and (very clean!) ingredients decks on our Wholesale Quick Order tab.


Where are Eve’s Crackers made?

Our team of bakers hand make Eve’s Crackers in Langley, BC.


Where do you source your flaxseeds?

We proudly source our flaxseeds from Russel, Manitoba in Canada. Eve’s wouldn’t be possible without Canadian farmers.


How did Eve’s get started?

Eve’s Crackers was started by Eve when she needed a convenient and nutrient dense snack that didn’t taste like cardboard. Eve’s was launched in farmers’ markets. You can read more about our story here.


I want to post on social media about carrying Eve’s Crackers. Can I use your photos?

Yes! We LOVE feeling the love on social. Your team can use any of our photos on our Instagram page. Please be sure to @ us and tag @evescrackers in your posts so we can be sure to reshare on our page. 



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