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Black Sesame Pack


Black Sesame Pack
Black Sesame Pack Black Sesame Pack Black Sesame Pack Black Sesame Pack Black Sesame Pack Black Sesame keto crackers served with homemade salsa as a delicious appetizer.
2g Net Carbs
8g Fibre
7g Protein
  • Black sesame—or should we call it the pairs-well-with-everything cracker—has a subtle savoury sesame flavour that is perfect for folks who prefer a more neutral tasting cracker. But, don’t call this cracker basic. Black Sesame is the upgrade you need for your avocado toast and homemade dips. 

    ❊  Keto Friendly  ❊  Gluten Free  ❊  Vegan  ❊  Fibre Full  ❊


  • INGREDIENTS: Brown Canadian flaxseeds, Chia seeds, White Sesame, Black Sesame, Non-GMO Soy Seasoning, Nutritional yeast & Psyllium husk.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Erin Sather
Completely addicted

Please coordinate a deal with Costco or some other way I can keep buying these crackers in bulk! Absolutely love them!

Lisa Crucil
Favourite guilt free snack

Always fresh and very quick delivery

Sandra Sharkey
Too Cracked

I thought getting bulk would be less Brocken bits and crumbles. I have only used
One bag and it was too much crumbled-Hope they are not all like that. I forgot to say, I love them otherwise.

Hi Sandra,
We do our best to ensure each packet does not contain too many crumbs. We hope the other packets fulfill your cracker desires! Thanks for your constant support - x Eve

Gwen Beattie

Delicious cracker for my vegan low carb diet

Thanks Gwen! I am so happy our crackers are a good fit for your vegan & low carb diet. I am sure you like them for their high fibre content as well! Thanks for supporting us! ❤️ Eve

Lorraine Fried
Eve's Crackers Black Sesame

Superb, crunchy but tender, excellent flavour. Had to close the bag and put it out of sight!

Glad to see you are loving them! Thanks so much for your kind review!